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Pratt College, located in Pratt, Kansas is one of the best community colleges in all of Kansas.  Pratt College prides itself on supplying employment of professional and trained individuals to companies in need.  Companies enjoy bringing in energetic employees ready for work right away with minimal to no training necessary.  This also facilitates students being well prepared for today’s world of employment in almost any field as well as being productive and meaningful members of society.


Kansas Association of Community Colleges report that Pratt College plays a significant role in their own local economy and Pratt College students benefit from better lifestyles and of course better wages when graduating.  Taxpayers around the county and local area benefit from decreased costs based on a bigger taxpayer base resulting in a larger economy pool.  Of course this means more jobs and employment needs are generated resulting in a greater need for Pratt College to produce higher qualified workers.  When businesses grow there are increased business revenues and therefore more public funds resulting in lower tax burdens for individual taxpayers.  All across the board attending college is a great investment for students which the entire community benefits from.


For students community involvement is one of the best things about college.  Community involvement comes in many different opportunities in daily student life.  Many programs at Pratt College include volunteering as part of their required coursework.  The partnerships between Pratt College students and the community provide lasting bonds that help shape students lives for the better as well as boosting them with the spirit of volunteerism at the same time. Some of the scholarships directly from Pratt College require students receiving them to do a minimum amount of community service.  This helps students realize the benefit of volunteerism and helps the community entities receiving the extra help.


These types of involvements showcase Pratt College as a top community college in the state and prompted the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program to declare Pratt Community College as one of the top 120 community colleges in the entire nation.  This puts Pratt College in the top 10% of the nation and qualifies them to compete for the $1 million fund from the same the same institute.  The Aspen Institute determined performance in graduation rates, degrees awarded, student retention and student equity for all community colleges in the nation before awarding this prestigious title on the top colleges in the nation.


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Students benefit from such declarations in improved college experiences and increased funding from state and local entities.  This prestige also helps students at Pratt to take pride in their college and showcases the professionalism the college staff provides.  It also showcases the importance Pratt College places on the students and their willingness to go above and beyond for the education and well being of their students.


Pratt College students enjoy the opportunities abounding at Pratt Community College and benefit from the many different facets of community involvement, student activities and professional and personal learning opportunities that shape them for the future they are excited to be a part of.


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